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The following privacy notice is intended to inform you about the treatment to be given to your personal data when it is collected, used, stored and/or transferred to or by Corporativo Gaviotas, S.A. de C.V., now “Grupo Antyr”, as Responsible, located at Avenida Centenario, #1121, Centro, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Z.C. 23400, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and Internet portal The personal data that is provided by you in order to access through your browser and have access to the portal, links, texts and information that “Grupo Antyr” offers through their web site, will be protected according to what is established in the Mexican Data Protection Law (LFPDPPP), its regulations and the privacy notice guidelines, published in the Official Gazette on January 17th 2013. The data owner will be able to obtain a copy of these laws and regulations at any given moment at the Responsible address through the Personal Data Department or by sending an email to the following address  this notice is divided for treatment purposes.

Customer Service

Your personal data will be collected in order to provide information and/or service requested, also attend and monitor your questions, complaints and suggestions, to comply with the above the following information will be used: name, last name, email address and the nonconformity/ question or suggestion by the customer.

Subscription to promotions

When you subscribe to receive in your email promotions and information related with the services that "Grupo Antyr" offers we will use the following personal data: name, last name and email address. You may unsubscribe at any time of our promotion data base through the same email you receive or by following the procedure mentioned below.

Reservations and prepayments

We will use the following personal data in order to perform a reservation and/or prepayment for a car lease: name, last name, age range, email address, phone number, country, reservation number, lease details and the returning of the car. Likewise, the following patrimonial and/or financial data will be used: lease cost, the four digits of your credit card and the credit card’s bank, the last two only when you want to prepay the lease.

Please note that "Grupo Antyr" will share your personal data to third parties within this country in those cases where it is necessary to fulfill your requested service Your data is shared within the country with the following third partied for the following purposes:



Bepensa Motriz, S.A. de C.V. y Rent A Matic Itzá, S.A. de C.V.

"Grupo Antyr"informs you that it has a service agreement with the moral recipients, this in order to keep the lease rates offered by "Grupo Antyr", so when you book a vehicle in any of the following cities: Cancun, Chetumal, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Playa del Carmen, Ciudad del Carmen, Veracruz, Villa Hermosa y Merida, your data would be transferred to these. It is important to note that from the moment Bepensa Motriz, S.A. de C.V. and/or Rent A Matic Itza, S.A. de C.V., receive your data they will be solely responsible for the treatment given to your personal data and will be obliged to give you their own privacy notice.

Edit or cancel your reservation

When you wish to edit or cancel a reservation the following information is used: email address and reservation number, once the editing or cancellation occurs "Grupo Antyr" will send to your email the confirmation of the operation.

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"Grupo Antyr"is affiliated under the common control of a head office, so that your information will be transferred to the performance of the operation of the Business Group, it should be pointed out that that the legal persons that integrate them operate under the same processes and the internal policies of security information.

In addition to the procedure that "Grupo Antyr" has implemented to limit the use and disclosure of your personal data, we inform the following alternatives in case the data owner wishes to limit its use and disclosure of personal data for purposes of advertising and promotions that "Grupo Antyr" could make in the marketing practices:

a)The Federal Consumer Protection (PROFECO) has a Public Registry to Avoid Advertising (REPEP), which functions to limit the use and disclosure of your data used for marketing purposes and/or market research. If you want to use this tool, you must contact the phone number 96 28 00 00 calling form Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey o 800 962 8000 from the rest of Mexico to register or cancel the phone number that receives unwanted publicity.

For more information about these procedures, you may send an email to we gladly will send it to you or you can apply directly to the Department of Personal Data of "Grupo Antyr".

(Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition to the Treatment of your Personal Data)

We inform you that you have the right to Access your personal data so you can know which one we maintain and the treatment that it is being given; right to Rectification to ask for the correction of your personal information in case it has gotten old, is inexact or incomplete; Cancelation so your information will be erased from our record or data base when you consider that it is being used inadequately; as well as the right to Opposition to the use of your data for specific reasons.

For the practice of any of your ARCO rights and/or express your refuse for the treatment of your data and/or revoke your consent for the treatment of your data and/or limit the use and disclosure of your personal data, you will be able to submit a request through the following means:

Before the Personal Data Department of "Grupo Antyr" directly at Avenida Centenario, #1121, Centro, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Z.C. 23400, Baja California Sur, Mexico In relation with the procedure and requirements for your request, we inform you the following:

a) The data owner must identify oneself through a valid official ID with a picture included, in case of a proxy, he or she must identify oneself through a valid official ID with picture included and a proxy signed by the data owner and two witness. This information will not be collected by "Grupo Antyr", it will only be collated by the Personal Data Department.

b) The data owner could practice his or her ARCO rights is by means of a handwritten and signed document addressed to Cooporativo Gaviotas S.A de C.V. This document must contain the owner’s complete name, address and email to receive an answer. It must also contain the description of the rights it pretends to execute. The data owner also could exercise ARCO rights using the formats that “Grupo Antyr” has for said effect, and can be provided directly by the Personal Data Department at its address.

c) In a period of no more than twenty working days, starting to count from the day we receive your access, rectification, cancelation or opposition request, we will determine a resolution and let you know it, to the effect of making it effective in case it is sustained, in the following fifteen working days. In the case of personal data access requests, the delivery will proceed after the accreditation of the requestor or legal representative identity, as appropriate. The periods of time previously stated can be expanded only once for an equal amount of time and when justification for it exists.

d) The resolution will be given through an email sent to the email address given in the request, at the data Responsible physical address at the end of the first 20 working day period for the determination and after the 15 working day period it will be able to become effective, this is, to aloud the access, rectification, cancelation or resolve the opposition of the personal data treatment.

e) The information will be delivered printed or digitally, depending on the way requested by the data owner.

You can revoke your consent for the treatment of your personal data, in case you have given it or restrict its use and disclosure. For such effect, the same procedure as the one established to exercise ARCO rights must be followed. None the less, please consider that we will not be able to attend to your request or resolve the treatment of the data in an immediate way in all cases, since it is possible we are bound by a legal cause to keep on making use of your personal data. As well, you must consider that for some purposes, the revocation of your consent will make the services relation impossible.
In order to revoke your given consent or restrict its use or disclosure, you must address the Personal Data Department, where you will be required to identify yourself through a valid official ID with picture included, and file a document with the same characteristics as the ones listed in point b) of the present notice, indicating in it your desire to Revoke and/or restrict the use and disclosure of your personal information.
The exercise of the ARCO rights and/or revocation request and/or request to restrict the use and disclosure of your data, will NOT be able to be processed through the beforehand mentioned email, since the Personal Data Department must be sure of the data owners identity; none the less, you can obtain information related to the present privacy notice, the personal data protection project, monitoring of the ARCO request and revocation or restriction of the use and disclosure of your personal data.

To obtain information about the requirements for Revoking consent or restricting the use or disclosure of your personal data, or for obtaining information about the procedure or exercise of your ARCO rights, please approach any of the following media: ;
- Email Address:
- Directly at the Department of Personal Data at Avenida Centenario, Número 1121, Colonia Centro, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Código Postal 23400, Baja California Sur, México.


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The personal data collected through these technologies serve to optimize your visit to our website and the collected information by them will be used to provide a better service and experience on browsing our website. You can choose to browse our website without accepting the use of cookies, every time the systems of "Grupo Antyr" do not depend on them, but by blocking the usage of cookies can make the website does not operate optimally in your browser. You may allow, block or delete these installed cookies on your computer by configuring your browser options. We provide the following links found in the internet, which are not the responsibility of “Grupo Antyr” but that can help you disable and customize cookies in your browser of preference:


The present privacy notice may suffer modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements, new projects or from our privacy practices.

In case of any changes or modifications in the privacy notice we promise to keep you informed. If a change or an update was made, "Grupo Antyr" will notify such changes and publish the updated version through the Department of Personal Data and the website

Will notify such changes and publish the updated version through the Department of Personal Data and the website. "Grupo Antyr" We inform you that you can contact the National Institute for Transparency, Information Access and Personal Data Protection at any moment if you consider that your right to the protection of your data has been violated.