Replacement Rentals

Replacement Rentals


Let's say that your car has to go to the repair shop because you had an accident or some other unfortunate event. Make sure you keep moving with the benefits that Enterprise Rent-A-Car gives you, either with or without a substitute car coverage in your insurance policy. The car substitute coverage takes care of that, this coverage is offered by your car insurance company and pays for a rental car so you do not have to. In case you don't have coverage, there is no problem, you can save money and keep moving since Enterprise offers discounts on car rental in case you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

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Information for Insurance Agents

Información importante para Agentes de Seguros

With the substitute car insurance, the satisfaction of your customers will increase considerably, since it helps them that their daily activities do not stop because of an accident or theft. The substitute car coverage helps them to continue moving, by paying the rent of a car while your client's is repaired.

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Insurance Company or Agent

If you've been in an accident recently, make sure you contact your insurance company to help you book your replacement car.


If your car is in the workshop because you had an accident, ask them for your substitute car rental.

Car Consecionary

If you think about taking your car to the concessionaire to do warranty work, make sure they contact Enterprise to help you with the reservation of your substitute car.