Explore CMDX: Explore our favorites museums

CMDX: Explore our favorites museums

Are you going to travel to Mexico City and don’t you know which museum visit first? We invite you to continue reading because we’ll give to you our recommendation to do a museums tour that you will love.

If your interests are from archeologists’ areas to contemporary art, we’ve got the ideal route for you.

You have been plaining this trip for months and finally the day has come. Your airplane arrives, you pick up your luggage and go to our office to receive the car that you reserved to move from one point to another in the big city… Are you ready to explore and know its famous museums?

  1. We start at the downtown and go to the Templo Mayor. Here, you’ll find the ruins where were constructed big emblematic buildings.
  2. Once you appreciate the Templo Mayor and enjoyed the view you will drive, only a few blocks from there and arrive at Palacio de Bellas Artes. Here, you can appreciate its architecture and enjoy the different collections of plastic and visual arts and if you have luck, a special exposition.
  3. Another museum that probably you’ll find attractive is the Modern Art Museum where you surely find artworks of top international artists. (and it’s only five minutes away from Palacio de Bellas Artes).
  4. Now it's time that you go to an incredible museum: The Soumaya Museum. Here you will find a great collection of European art from the XV to XVIII century and baroque art from New Spain.
  5. Finally, you will stop at MUAC (University Museum of Contemporary Art), where we have no doubts that you will love all the different artworks that are exposed. Also, on the outside, you can enjoy of the Espacio Escultórico (only 2 min away) and the Botanic Garden. Pretty great to finish our tour, isn’t?

So, now you have our honest recommendation it’s time to prepare your luggage but first of all, book your car with us!

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