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Today and every day, we are committed to maintain the highest cleaning standards in the industry. Now more than ever, our clients and collaborators deserve to know that we endorse that responsibility with the Seal of Complete Cleaning Commitment. We are committed to going beyond our already rigorous cleaning protocols, including strict disinfection procedures, to protect the health and safety of all.

Learn more about our Complete Clean Commitment. Here are the details about our modified services and the steps we are taking company-wide to protect customers and employees while remaining available to those who need us during this difficult time.

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Complete Cleaning Commitment in Cars

As part of the Complete Cleaning Commitment, we have expanded our already rigorous cleaning protocols, following the guidance of leading health authorities and in partnership with the travel industry. while we have always had a very formal training process that instructed all employees on proper cleaning of each vehicle, employees are now being trained to implement new and more comprehensive regulations that include a better cleaning guide for vehicles, shuttle buses and offices, as well as social distancing practices.

¿Do you want to rent a car? Find an office near you.


Keeping our vehicles clean has always been important to us, but right now we know that vehicle cleanliness is even more critical. Each of our vehicles is thoroughly cleaned between each rental, backed by the Complete Cleaning Commitment. This includes vacuuming, thoroughly cleaning, and disinfecting with a sanitizer that meets the requirements of the major health authorities, with particular attention to the more than 20 frequently used points, including:

  • Key and keychain
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering column
  • Center Console
  • Vents
  • Accessories panel
  • Cup holder
  • Compartments
  • Doors inside
  • Door pockets
  • Seat surfaces
  • Seat pockets
  • Seatbelts
  • Interior door handles
  • Exterior door handles
  • Areas between seat and console
  • Areas between seat and jambs
  • Instrument panel and touch screen
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Visor mirrors
  • Panel
  • Gear lever
  • Trunk opening
  • Among other frequently used areas
  • We also have measures in place to immediately isolate and quarantine any vehicle, if necessary.

Shuttle buses

  • Social distancing protocols are implemented as riders get on, use and exit our shuttle buses.
  • We limit the number of riders on each bus, promoting a one-way flow as riders get on and ensuring riders from different parties maintain appropriate social distancing from each other.
  • Frequently used areas on our shuttle buses are frequently cleaned and sanitized with a sanitizer between trips. This includes luggage racks, door handles, and seat backs. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a sanitizer at least once a day.

Complete Cleaning Commitment in Offices

The commitment to complete cleaning also extends to our offices. We have also introduced updated security processes and procedures for our offices.

Our collaborators who work in offices follow the practices recommended by the main health authorities. This includes frequent disinfection of surfaces that are in contact with sanitizer throughout the day.

This includes counters, phones, tablets, payment devices, and handles, among other frequently used areas.

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Precautions to reduce the spread

While we accept reservations from any office, either on the website or by phone, we limit our physical offices by consolidating operations into centralized locations.

After making an online reservation, you may be contacted by one of our employees to help you organize a vehicle handover point that may be different from your home office location.

For reservations made on your behalf by a third party, such as an insurance company, the process is the same. A National employee will contact you to arrange the details to complete your reservation.

This precaution helps protect employees and customers, allowing us to keep our offices open and minimize physical interaction, while maximizing our availability to those who need our services.

In addition, we implement social distancing (2 meters away), we minimize the number of people in an office and only serve one client at the counter. And the use, without exception, of all our collaborators with face masks and gloves.

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We Protect and Support Our Clients

To help protect both customers and employees, we modified our service offerings. This includes the incorporation of rents on the sidewalks of our offices to help promote social distancing, and avoid having a large volume of people in our offices.

Whether you are picking up your vehicle on the sidewalk or if we deliver it to your workplace, a workshop or your home, we will maintain an appropriate distance throughout the process. In home deliveries we repeat the sanitization process in front of the client.

We continue working for you, we recognize that some travel plans may change so we extend our policy of changes, we respect the rate of your prepaid reservation (directly through this site), when making a change of dates in the future. Customers who have booked a car rental through a third party are recommended to contact the person who made the reservation directly to know the change and/or cancellation policies.

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We Protect Our Employees

While we limit our open physical offices as much as possible, some staff members must be available on site to assist in the transfer of vehicles.

National is committed to providing a safe work environment during this difficult time and to continue to monitor the situation and implement additional safety measures as necessary.

In addition to our location collaborators, we also have remote customer service personnel working to answer your questions and help you organize or change your reservations.

Employees who work in offices comply with the practices recommended by the various health authorities to help protect and reduce risk during this coronavirus outbreak.

These practices include the following:

  • Limit the number of employees in an office
  • Follow social distancing
  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Frequently cleaning surfaces that are touched with disinfectant
  • Use disposable gloves and a disinfectant when cleaning vehicles
  • Minimize interaction with customers when picking up or delivering vehicles
  • Ensuring local staff have the necessary supplies and resources

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